Thursday, December 2, 2010

American Dream: A Juxtaposition

Recently I finished series of silk paintings in which I wanted to find my interpretation of 'The American Dream'. 
Here I tried to acknowledge what this dream exposes people minds, bodies, and environment.
Juxtaposition, 22x30

In this piece I wanted to consider the ‘American Dream’ as a source of light, on the one hand and as an absorber of light, on the other hand. I represent the world (here symbolized by the city), divided in two parts. One part is poor and dark. People who live in this part have little chance to succeed and will never be prosperous. But those people are illuminated by some kind of light. It is a light from some source. I assume that the source is the “American Dream”. Another part of the world is an ideal part, the wealthy part. It has comfortable houses with large yards of grass. But people in this part live in shadows. Here light is absorbed and things grow darker. I assume that what creates shadow or absorbs light is again the ‘American Dream’.

Game Lost In Advance, 24x30

I imagine the world as a game. The game is complex. All are involved. All have their own interests. All have their own color, which is not about the race, but has a more complex meaning. It is hard to say at first glance who this particular player is, what his interests are and what his color is in this game. But the game is going on, while the sky is starting to turn brown. And it will be browner with each day of the game. This will cease only when people leave off the game, turn away from their mercenary interests, and unite in caring for the nature.

Play, 26x28

“Play” fanaticizes the world as a stage play. All people participate in this play. Some of them have many different roles and have to wear many different masks. The better actors are more successful in this world. There are some people who refuse to play and hate to wear masks. They couldn’t find the appropriate place on the stage and they move to the edge of this world. 

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